Air Purifiers for Allergies

What are Allergies?

An allergy can be said to be a body reaction. This is mostly as a result of foreign substances that have been noticed by your immune system. The triggers that result in an allergy are known as an allergen. They include pollen animal dander and mold. An allergic reaction starts immediately you touch or inhale an allergen. Allergens can also be swallowed.


Why buy an Air purifier

Perhaps one of the major reasons why you should buy an air purifier is the long-term health benefits that this device assures you. It sucks around 99.7% of all air impurities in your house. To ensure your long-term health is guaranteed on must continuously avoid health risks during your lifetime.

Make sure to check our online air purifier systems for allergy in the USA to know more about this.

Since our bodies are always exposed to small amounts of harmful particles such as carcinogens and toxins, an air purifier considerably reduces this risk.

An air purifier will work wonders for people with asthma.


Advantages of an Air Purifier

An Air purifier improves your everyday health benefits as it the most efficient way of ensuring your home is allergen free.

An air purifier helps you stay away from allergen based medications. Without an Air purifier, allergic people will constantly have to depend on medications to stay allergic free.

Air purifiers ensure that your air is 99.9% dust free as it sucks microns that are 0.3

Air purifiers suck up second-hand smoke so you don’t have to worry about your cigarette addict neighbor ruining your night

People who suffer from dust allergies have something to smile about as an air purifier sucks in all the dust particles floating in your room.

Iconic purifiers clean the tiniest air particles and this ensures that your healthy standards are met.


Disadvantages of an Air Purifier

The biggest disadvantage of an air purifier is that it requires constant maintenance. Failure to maintain it will result in a drastic reduction in its lifespan.

Another problem with this device is that you can find one that is extremely proficient when it comes to cleaning dust particles but cannot solve your odor problem.



The general rule when dealing with air purifies is that every purifier has its own limitation. A perfect one does not exist.

Before you buy a purifier, always check its specifications so as to be sure it serves the intended purpose.


Top Purifies for Allergies

Purifiers on our online air purifier system for allergies in the USA are tested by our technical team before they are listed. Even before they meet the criteria for our team, an air filter must be a HEPA certified for consideration.

Once the air filter passes this stage, the models must have been tested by the association of home appliance manufactures and have passed with a 200 rating. Only then will the purifier be tested by our team and listed on our online air purifier system in the USA.

Our online air purifier system boosts the following:


The Winix PlasmaWave 5300

The plasma wave purifier certainly brings value to your money. It uses plasma wave technology to better enhance your experience.

It boasts of the following features:

  • Comes with an inbuilt 3 stage filtering system.
  • Covers a range of 350 square feet.
  • Dos does not produce ozone.
  • It is silent when being operated.
  • HEPA Certified.


The Honeywell HEPA 300 Purifier

The Honeywell purifier comes in different sizes. The smaller versions are made for rooms that are10 feet squared.

This air purifier has the following specifications:

  • Bigger versions can clean an area that is 470 square feet.
  • Has an activated carbon filter system.
  • HEPA certified.
  • Can trap particles as small as 0.1 microns.
  • Best for trapping molds, allergies, dust and odors.


The Winix Wac9500-1

This air purifier is best where the allergy is as a result of pet dander and hair. It easily rids your room of hairs and other irritating irritants.

It comes with the following specifications:

  • Comes with a three-stage air filtering system.
  • HEPA Certified.
  • Suitable for allergies caused by pets.
  • Does not produce Ozone.


The Honeywell 50250-s

The Honeywell is a pure HEPA filter purifier. This is perhaps the most efficient purifier with a 250 CADR Ranking.

It boasts of the following specifications:

  • Has a 250 CADR Ranking.
  • HEPA Certified.
  • Comes with an activated carbon Pre-filter.
  • Comes with a patented 30 degrees flow.


The BlueAir 403

The beauty of this model is that it uses a HEPA silent Technology and has some impressive CADR ratings.

It boasts of the following:

  • It is HEPA certified.
  • Capable of sucking air particles that are 0.1 microns in size.
  • Comes with a 5 year.



Also be in the loop of the best air purifiers in the market. Quality is everything.

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