Air Purifiers for Pets

You just moved in with your girlfriend and she is crazy about cats and you are not. No need contemplating killing the cat. By the time you have gone through our online air purifier system for pets, bad odor and cat hair won’t bother you anymore.


What is an Air Purifier for Pets?

An air purifier typically filters the dirty air by sucking it into its filtration system. It uses the same principle that is used by a doctor’s mask or a firefighter breather.

Where electric purifiers are involved, a fan is used to pass air through its microscopic openings. Air filters that are HEPA Certified are well capable of blocking particles that are 0.3 microns in size. The reason why I always advocate for HEPA certified air purifiers is that they easily solve common allergies such as pet dander.

Though HEPA certified filters work best, top-rated medical grade purifies are always better. This is because they can capture particles that are 0.1 microns in size.


Is an Air Purifier For Pets Necessary?

For starters, it is the only way you will not kill your girlfriend’s cat {no pun intended}

An air purifier reduces pet odors and as well as reduce dander-related allergies.

Air purifiers for pets improve their general health. Pets are more susceptible to airborne diseases than humans.


Advantages of an Air Purifier for Pets

Air purifiers remove contaminants in the air and this considerably improves your long-term health. Contaminants like pollen, pet dander, and dust are trapped in the air purifier.

An Air Purifier improves the health standards of an asthma patient. This is because once the pollutants are trapped in the purifier the air does not contribute to any allergenic reaction

HEPA certified purifiers have been tested and certified to remove 99.9%of all air contaminants. This is a big plus for the health-conscious generation.

Not only can the air purifier remove pet dander, but it also removes bad odor as well as medicinal odors.


Disadvantages of an Air Purifier For Pets

HEPA purifiers though the best, are installed in your ventilation system and consumes a lot of electricity.

It is not easy to find an air purifier that is multipurpose by nature.


Best Air Purifier Reviews for Pets

Here at our online purifier system for pets in the USA, our team of experts has singled out the following purifiers as the best in the market. They meet the international standard for safety while some have an inbuilt silver ion technology that inhibits the growth of collected mold spores on the filter.


The Alen Breathesmart Fur purifier

The Alen BreatheSmart has done a fantastic job with this purifier.  Not only can you change the color of the purifier, but you also have a number of inbuilt filtration systems to choose from.

Some of its amazing features include:

  • HEPA certified.
  • The system covers an area of 110 square feet.
  • Comes with 4 inbuilt filtration systems to choose from.
  • Has a smart sensor for adjusting air quality.


The GermGuardian AC5250PT


This purifier stands 2ft tall and is best for pet dander trappings for small spaces. It is amazing for pet owners with allergies. It is also equipped with an in-built 3 type filter system


The GermGuardian boasts of the following features:

  • Has five fans that enable you to control the rate of purification.
  • It is HEPA Certified.
  • Comes with a UV-C sanitizer that destroys bacteria and viruses.
  • It is budget friendly.


The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate


This air purifier is specifically designed for pet owners. Its features are amazing and fantastic. Some of their amazing functions include an auto mode, sensor, and timer.


Its features include:

  • Can easily trap small particles such as smoke and pollen.
  • The filters are washable for easy maintenance.
  • Comes with four funs for convincing.
  • Can automatically adjust the purifier speed for steady flow.


The Oransi OV200


Not only is it the best purifier under $500 but comes with a 10-year warranty The fact that it comes with a remote control is just amazing for us guys.


Features of Oransi:

  • HEPA Certified.
  • Its room coverage is 400 square feet.


Rabbit Air BioGs 2.0


This product boasts of being the cleanest and purest air device in the market today.



It’s amazing features include:

  • A four-stage purification process.
  • Room capacity of 550square feet.
  • A remote control for convenience.
  • A Very attractive design.



Always check our reviews for the best air purifier on the market



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